Enjoy Canada in Style This Winter: a Guide

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries on Earth, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it boasts some tantalizingly fine experiences. From hotels that resemble European chateaus to restaurants which are plating some of the most cutting edge food in the world, planning a trip north of the border for a luxurious weekend away isn’t as crazy as you might think it might be.

Below, we’ll break down accommodations, dining hotspots, and nightlife that will have you planning your return after your trip has concluded.   




Out east, the Chateau Frontenac is a gem you shouldn’t miss, as this Fairmont property defines the skyline of Quebec City with its castle-like appearance. Its front door access to the Old City is only the start of the benefits you’ll enjoy by staying here, as the Chateau offers a private concierge service, a fully-functional business centre, four restaurants, and a top-rated health club.


In the west, another Fairmont hotel should end up on your bucket list. In the Canadian Rockies, the Banff Springs Hotel has a presence which simply can’t be ignored. For a brief time after the completion of its first renovation in 1914, it was the tallest building in Canada. Its fitting seeing how it has been known as The Castle in the Rockies by locals for years. Within, you’ll find an award-winning European-inspired spa, amazing fine dining concepts, and even a bowling alley.  



When you are on your winter holiday in Canada, don’t hold back – you are here for a good time, not a long time. You work hard in your everyday life, so experience the best nightlife Canada has to offer.

Hang with the most beautiful people in Montreal at Wunderbar. Gaze upon the CN Tower and other highlights of the Toronto skyline at Rooftop Lounge at the Thompson. Push your luck at the Edgewater Casino in Vancouver. In every major city in Canada, you’ll find excitement that will help you make the most of your visit.

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Incomes has risen over the past decade thanks to the nation’s resource boom, and Millennials have shown an appetite for dining out at restaurants pushing the culinary envelope. The convergence of these factors means that many cities in Canada have red hot dining scenes, meaning that you’ll have plenty of amazing food to try during your time in the Great White North.


In Montreal, Ile Flottante will introduce you to the world of Quebecois cuisine, with a tasting menu which can include dishes made from ingredients like pork belly and sea bass. Torontonians can’t get enough of Scaramouche Restaurant these days, as its take on French food will have you praising its chef long after your visit. Whether you choose to have the filet mignon or the lamb, the breathtaking view of the Toronto skyline will make it one of the best meals you’ve had in a long time.

Christmas Gift Ideas to Add Some Luxury Into Someone’s Life


What better gift to give someone this Christmas than the gift of luxury and here at Doorstepluxury, we have got some great ideas for you. Whatever the person that you are buying for enjoys, there is always room to add a luxurious touch with your Christmas gift and here are some of our top picks for presents which you could buy for your friend or loved one this coming Christmas.

French Press

If the recipient of your gift is a fan of coffee then a coffee press is the ultimate gift to buy them. The French press is a coffee maker which really takes coffee to the next level in terms of the flavor and the overall approach to making a cup of Joe. The press requires you to add some coarsely ground coffee, some piping hot water and then you simply plunge the press and serve up a tasty cup of coffee. These presses look great when on display and there are few more luxurious ways to serve up coffee than if you are using one of these.

Vintage Record Player

Many people though that vinyl was dead when DJs and music listeners of the world decided to ditch physical music for the digital variety but LPs have since seen something of a renaissance and they are now very popular. With this in mind, way not buy your recipient a standalone record player with a vintage look. In light of the recent surge in popularity of vinyl, there are many of these classic record players about and they can add style and luxury to any home.

Spa Day 

Days out don’t get more luxurious than being pampered to within an inch of your life at a spa day. There are many top hotels and private spas that offer these kind of days and you can give your loved one a memorable day with this gift. The spa days will feature a wide range of treatments from massages, seaweed wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures so there is lots to choose from in terms of giving your loved one the best gift possible.


The ultimate luxury gift is a bottle of fine Champagne and this in particular makes a great gift as many people would not spend such money on their own, on a bottle of Champagne. If you are able to purchase a tasty and relatively expensive bottle of bubbly for your loved one however, you will be able to ensure that they have a luxurious Christmas day as they sip away at a fine bottle Champers.


Candles are no longer simply something to light the way and scented candles have taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. Many of these candles smell absolutely amazing and they can adda a real touch of luxury to any room. Similar to the Champagne, many won’t want to spend a chunk of money on something like a candle and this is where you can step in and give a wonderful Christmas gift which your loved one will enjoy.

A weekend in Venice

Venice is truly the city of love, a beautiful Italian paradise of waterways, fine art museums, music and of course, the delicious Italian cuisine. Thanks to the low priced and accessible flight options that exist from around Europe, Venice makes for the perfect spot for a weekend break. A weekend may not be enough time to see everything that Venice has on offer, but you can certainly fill it up with plenty of things to do and see. If you are looking at Venice as a weekend getaway, here are some great ideas for how to spend it.

Three in One

In the middle of the magnificent San Marco piazza, the place which Napoleon himself referred to as the ‘drawing room of Europe’, you can see no less than 3 major attractions, perfect for those who are pressed for time. St.Mark’s Basilica is a beautiful representation of the Byzantine era which occupied Venice for many years whilst the Doge’s Palace, also in the square, was once the judicial and political hub of the region. Finally you will find the Torre dell’Orologio a magnificent clock tower which is over 500 years old. This square makes for the perfect place for your first stop.

Gondola Trip

Trip to venice wouldn’t be complete without taking to the water in one of the iconic gondolas. Gondola hire will cost you 80 Euros for 30 minutes between the times of 8am-7pm and between 7pm-8am you will be looking at a price of 100 Euros for 35 minutes. The prices may not be cheap but once you have experienced this trip out onto the waterways, you will realize that it is actually very good value for money.

Getting Artistic

The contemporary art scene in Venice really lives up to the city’s reputation and you can really explore some of the fine art installations throughout the city. You could spend some time in the Peggy Guggenheim collection, the city’s third most popular attraction or even visit the relatively new Punta della Dogana which has works by the likes of Jeff Koons, Rachel Whiteread and Dan Flavin inside.

Listen to Vivaldi

Listening to Vivaldi in Venice is kind of a rite of passage which everyone must do during their time here and you can find it played expertly by the Vence Baroque Orchestra. Make sure that before you leave home, you have checked out the schedule to see who is playing in the stunning Teatro Malibran.


Another rite of passage in Vence is eating gelato and you can find some of the very finest here in the city. The best gelato is said to be served in the Boutique del Gelato and if you can battle the lengthy queues, you will be treated to some of the finest ice cream that you have ever tasted.

You weekend in Venice is sure to be pretty frantic so that you can see everything but thankfully mug of the attractions are pretty close together, make sure you have a map with you so you don’t get lost in the mazy streets.

Which Brand of Watch is the best investment

A watch is about far more than simple timepiece and these accessories are key to being fashionable and stylish. The cost of watches can spiral incredibly and as such, many have become popular for investors who are looking to adorn themselves with the finest watches, and ensure that the watch holds its value throughout its lifetime. If you are looking to invest in a high quality and beautifully crafted timepiece which is sure to hold its value, here are some option for you to think of.


Rolex has become notorious for creating stunning watches of extremely high value. Thankfully, because of the strength of the brand and the outstanding craftsmanship that has gone into creating these watches, a Rolex will always hold its value and ensure that should you ever need to move it on, you can do so with ease and without losing any of your investment. Aside from the financial aspects of a Rolex, they will also look classy and impressive when you wear it.


Breathing have created watches over the years that have stood the test of time and their aerospace-style designs have made these watches pretty iconic. The watches have been designed through the years with the Navy and the Air Force in mind and these have lead to inspirational timepieces which not only tell the time, but also stand the test of it. If you were to invest in a Breitling then you are going to have a stunning accessory to wear and a watch which will most definitely hold its value.

Omega Seamaster

Omega make a wide range of watches for all budgets and whilst the brand itself may not be known as one which is worth investing in, its Seamaster model most certainly is. The Seamaster professional is not going to make you a millionaire in a short space of time but over the years this is most definitely going to be a smart investment given that the model is no longer in production. There was a limited number of these watches made and as you know, when the demand outweighs the supply, the price rises beyond belief.

Tag Heuer Silverstone

For just around $6,000 you can get your hands on this highly limited watch which is sure to inflate greatly in its valuation in just a  few short years. The watch is an Heuer-badged Monaco edition which in the past have shown themselves to be highly collectable and highly valuable and this latest model is still on the market for you to get your hands on bit you and better be quick as there aren’t too many of them left. The watch itself is chunky and offers a wide face with the classic ‘Tag’ design features. With that being said, this is not a watch which too many will wear as it can appear to be quite standard, something which will not be important once the collectors is to get their hands on it.

The 5 Best Luxury Suitcases

If you are looking for a luxury vacation then the first step is to travel in luxury and give the appearance of a stylish jetsetter who is off on a luxury stay. In order to do this, the best way to start is with your luggage, after all, what would a luxury holiday maker look like if they didn’t have the luggage to help with the luxurious appearance! We have put together a list of some of the very finest and most luxurious pieces of luggage which you need in your life if you want to become the ultimate luxury traveler. Let’s take a look at the pieces which you need.


Samsonite have been making high quality luggage since 1910, named after the biblical strongman Samson, the luggage makers are notorious for their durable and hard-wearing luggage. The beauty of this luggage is that it not only looks great and is incredibly hard, it is also lightweight and well crafted. Samsonite is a market leader in luggage and it has since gained fame for being the go to luggage of those looking for luxury.


Somewhat strangely, this luggage manufacturer is named after a Peruvian knife which is used for sacrifices. In spite of its interesting heritage, the brand has become the poster boy for luxury luggage options and ever since the 70s, both hippies and yuppies have used this company as their luggage of choice. The Tumi vapor in particular is one of their most luxurious, hard wearing and iconic pieces and with one of these bags, everyone will know who you are.


This company was the original Swiss Army Knife manufacturer and they have been making some of the world’s finest luggage for over 130 years. The luxury status which the company has achieved is as a result of the incredibly high quality and craftsmanship which goes into the making of their cases. Lightweight, beautifully designed, incredibly well made and luxurious to a tee, if you want to stand out, Victorinox is for you.


Globe-Trotter specializes in vintage looking cases that are well made and highly durable and with one of these cases you can really become true luxury traveler. The design of these cases has won numerous awards and when that beautiful piece comes around on the luggage carousel, everyone will basking who’s it is, and where you got it from.

Louis Vuitton

Whilst the company has become the victim of the black market and many fakes are in existence, there really is not a luxury case quite like that of Louis Vuitton. The design of these cases is iconic, the faded chocolate brown color with the Louis Vuitton emblem repeated throughout. These are not just fancy looking cases either, they are spacious, durable and lightweight and they come in a  wide range of sizes to suit any traveler. If you want to show off your luxury status, Louis Vuitton is a great option.