3 Top of the Range Pens

Writing may be a dying art given the emergence of technology but that is not to say that the art of writing is completely dead. There are few things more satisfying in life than writing with a top grade pen which is comfortable and flows perfectly with your style of writing and I for one am still supporting writing the old fashioned way.

A beautiful pen is not just about how you write, it is also about wowing those around you and if you want to do just that then you should invest in a top quality pen. To help you decide which is going to be the pen for you, we have put together a quick list of 3 top of the range pens which you should look into buying if you too are still supporting the old fashioned pen and paper style of writing.

Best Fountain Pen 

For this of you who love nothing more than an inky and smooth fountain pen, the one that we would recommend is the Faber-Castell Ambition. This stunning pen is brought to you by one of the most respected pen manufacturers in the world and it features some unique detail and some exceptional craftsmanship. The pen will set you back around $110 but for this you will get a pen which writes effortlessly thanks to its steel tip and features a barrel made from exotic woods.

Best Pocket Pen

For those who will be writing notes on the go, signing thing with haste and who want to have a pen on them at all times, the best option is the Fisher Space Pen. This pen was designed for NASAs space mission and it can write upside down, underwater and even in zero gravity. Whilst you may not use any of these features, you will no doubt enjoy the smooth and simple writing style which the pen has, as well as its compact nature which means it can fit into any pocket. The pen is pressurized which means that the ballpoint allows ink to flow naturally and consistently. This pen can be picked up for just over $20 and it is incredibly durable.

Best Refillable Ballpoint

The finest refillable ballpoint which you should be buying if you are on the lookout is the Baron Fig Squire, a beautiful pen and one which needs to be in your pen collection. Baron Fig have produced great pens for may years and this model in particular is re-released every quarter with a new and exciting design. Aside from the aesthetics, the pen writes with an incredibly smooth action and you won’t need to replace the ink very often at all. My previous favorite in this class had been the Retro 51 Tornado but the writing style and weight ratio of the Squire is what really sets it apart for me.

What kind of pens do you like to write with and which is your favorite? Let us know you thoughts in the comments section below.

How to Spend 3 days in Santorini

If you are looking to take a break in the Greek Islands then look no further than Santorini, the beautiful island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Whenever you see those images of Greek islands with the whitewashed buildings and the mazy coastal path that leads down to the seafront, it is likely that you are looking at Santorini and in terms of raw beauty, this is the Greek islands at their very best.

Squeezing all that Santorini has to offer into a short 3 day break is not entirely possible but that is not to say that there isn’t plenty to see and do during your short break. Let’s take a look at what you need to doddering your 3 day stay.


Requiring a cliff walk to see this beautiful village, Imerovigli is the best place to go for views of the island and assuming that you arrive on a Friday, you should make an effort to get up here for sunset. There is no better place to witness sunset than in this typical Santorini village and there are several restaurants with viewing platforms so that you can enjoy it in all of its splendor. Expect to spend around 3 hours up here.

Sleeping and Beach

In the afternoons in Santorini, almost everything shuts down for a few hours which gives you the perfect chance to relax, go for a snooze or hit the beach to bask in the beautiful sunshine.


Pyrgos village is very different from the other villages on the island and it makes for a great place to explore. Here you will find an outstanding monastery to explore as well as plenty of street markets and you could even go on a winery tour and sample some of the local produce.


There are lots of beach to choose from and as you are short on time it is important that you get it just right. Perissa Beach is probably the finest beach on the island and whilst it does not offer the lush white sand that others on the islands do, the cobbled stone and volcanic grey sand still makes for a beautiful beach. Here you will find several tavernas and restaurants where you can enjoy the sunshine and most importantly, the view.


There are several boat cruises which you can do to the neighboring islands and I would recommend that you take the cruise to the volcanic islands of Palea and Nea Kameni. Once you hit the islands you will have to do a bit of walking to get to the summit of the volcanoes but it is well worth the effort. The boat trip will take up a whole afternoon so make sure that you have planned it in well.

For your final few hours, you should look towhead back to the part of Santorini that you loved the most and once again enjoy the spectacular views which you can get from the island before heading back home. Three days may not be enough to see it all, but you can most definitely see enough to whet your appetite for next time.

Singapore Air first class – check it out

Last year I traveled from San Francisco to Hong Kong on Singapore airlines and I had the great fortune to be boosting up to first class. This is not the first time that this has happened to me and I think that a combination of my frequent flier status and my debonair charm is what seems to seal the deal for me, well, my frequent flier status at least.

This was the first time that I had ever traveled with Singapore airlines period, let alone on their first class cabin and I must say, I was absolutely blown away but the excellence of the service. If you re looking to travel first class then here is exactly why I would recommend Singapore Airlines.


There were just 8 seats on the plane’s first class cabin so as you can imagine, both check-in and boarding were an absolute dream. I hate waiting in queues and such so this really helped to get my journey off to the best possible start. The brooding area was around a 10 minute walk away from the first class lounge and of course, when the time came to get on the flight, there was zero waiting around.

The Lounge

The lounge was exactly what you would expect and nothing more, a pleasant selection of drinks and snacks as well as great service. The lounge did nothing special but in reality, it doesn’t really need to.

Cabin and The Space

The seats in the first class cabin had a 1-2-1 formation and offered a great deal of space for passengers, I read in the in-flight guide that we actually had a whopping 35 inches of space to play with.  I really like the design of the cabin, it was dark chocolate and orange and it really gave it a welcoming atmosphere.

The seat had a high definition TV in front and a deep footwell below which was incredibly comfortable. The seats change into beds when you need to sleep and honestly, it was so incredibly comfortable that I could’ve stayed there for days.

Additional Touches

On the way into first class we were given a small Ferragamo-branded bag with lots of little goodies in it such as aftershave and lip balm, highly useful on long flights!

Food and Drinks

I was really impressed with the food and drink choices on the flight and I sipped on Krug Champagne and ate a range of wonderfully cooked French cuisine. There was a wide range of fine fine dining choices on the menu and by the looks of the other guests meals, everyone had delicious options in front of them.

The only thing that I would say the first class section lacked was the presence of a shower to freshen up but I understand that their other models have this. All told this was a wonderful experience that I would be more than happy to pay for the next time I travel.

The 5 Best Luxury Suitcases

If you are looking for a luxury vacation then the first step is to travel in luxury and give the appearance of a stylish jetsetter who is off on a luxury stay. In order to do this, the best way to start is with your luggage, after all, what would a luxury holiday maker look like if they didn’t have the luggage to help with the luxurious appearance! We have put together a list of some of the very finest and most luxurious pieces of luggage which you need in your life if you want to become the ultimate luxury traveler. Let’s take a look at the pieces which you need.


Samsonite have been making high quality luggage since 1910, named after the biblical strongman Samson, the luggage makers are notorious for their durable and hard-wearing luggage. The beauty of this luggage is that it not only looks great and is incredibly hard, it is also lightweight and well crafted. Samsonite is a market leader in luggage and it has since gained fame for being the go to luggage of those looking for luxury.


Somewhat strangely, this luggage manufacturer is named after a Peruvian knife which is used for sacrifices. In spite of its interesting heritage, the brand has become the poster boy for luxury luggage options and ever since the 70s, both hippies and yuppies have used this company as their luggage of choice. The Tumi vapor in particular is one of their most luxurious, hard wearing and iconic pieces and with one of these bags, everyone will know who you are.


This company was the original Swiss Army Knife manufacturer and they have been making some of the world’s finest luggage for over 130 years. The luxury status which the company has achieved is as a result of the incredibly high quality and craftsmanship which goes into the making of their cases. Lightweight, beautifully designed, incredibly well made and luxurious to a tee, if you want to stand out, Victorinox is for you.


Globe-Trotter specializes in vintage looking cases that are well made and highly durable and with one of these cases you can really become true luxury traveler. The design of these cases has won numerous awards and when that beautiful piece comes around on the luggage carousel, everyone will basking who’s it is, and where you got it from.

Louis Vuitton

Whilst the company has become the victim of the black market and many fakes are in existence, there really is not a luxury case quite like that of Louis Vuitton. The design of these cases is iconic, the faded chocolate brown color with the Louis Vuitton emblem repeated throughout. These are not just fancy looking cases either, they are spacious, durable and lightweight and they come in a  wide range of sizes to suit any traveler. If you want to show off your luxury status, Louis Vuitton is a great option.